Free fall

free fall

«Free Fall» fue publicado en 2009 por la editorial neozelandesa Titus Books y es la versión en inglés de «Caída libre» (Editorial Colibrí, 2005).


I have arrived home after a bicycle trip with my son. Like every afternoon, we rode through the old cobblestone streets of the neighbourhood, here and there greeting the trees, the gardens, the dogs, and the children we met on the way…While my being can’t resist the temptation to think about the future, household debts, lost friends, my work commitments, things I have to do tomorrow, his is poured completely into the landscape he is discovering at every turn. It’s curious to see how our movements, so different, so distant, come together for a second on the same path, and how in a moment of carelessness the soul of my son is confused with mine as if fate didn’t want to deny me the unrepeatable opportunity of living twice.

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