Punctuation, por Hamesh Wyatt

Rogelio Guedea
Cold Hub Press

Rogelio Guedea is the author of more than 50 books of poetry, essays, narrative, interviews and translations.

He is a columnist for several Mexican newspapers and has been the co-ordinator of the Spanish programme at the University of Otago. Roger Hickin has translated his latest collection, Punctuation.

Guedea’s poems can be terrifying and hilarious at the same time. Often they are uncomfortable. He maintains a conversation with his readers. Sometimes he can be beautiful and tender. This is intense stuff.


And yet:
I have nothing in my hands
and yet all things
rest there.
I have nothing in my heart
and yet in my heart
suffer all
who do not suffer.
I have nothing on my feet
and yet my feet are where
one path and another converge.
I have nothing in my love
and yet I’m in love.
Day and night I’m
full of thoughts of having
nothing and yet I’m thinking:
that I do not have you and you are with me,
that you leave and you accompany me,
that one day you will cease to be you
so that I might exist.

Guedea can be inspirational and irresistible.


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